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“Be easy

Take your time

You are coming

Home to yourself”

– Nayyirah Waheed


I’m Jilna and I teach gentle movement and meditation in the community. I do this both online and in-person. Many of the people who come to my sessions tell me that they appreciate my thoughtful and down-to-earth approach. 

My practice reflects my passion to co-create ways of moving and being that help people to connect more deeply with themselves and the things that matter most in the world. It involves understanding how different people are affected by their  identities and life experiences, and encouraging them towards a greater sense of ease and joy. This practice is always evolving, especially as I learn a lot from the people who attend my classes and workshops.

I have weaved social justice, movement and meditation together for many years and I am motivated by the transformative impact that these practices can have both at an individual level and beyond in cultivating communities that are rooted in kindness and care. 



I strive to create an environment where all bodyminds, ways of being and moving through the world are welcome, valued and centred equally. I always enquire about access needs and I consider these through the language that I use, the spaces I create and hold and the variations of the movement and meditation practices that I offer.


In a world where we are constantly taught to defer to others, I guide you to prioritise listening to and trusting your own experience – and to make choices that honour this.


I consciously work in a way that is orientated to equip you with practices that you can access, practice and integrate in your daily life. For me, it’s about giving you practices that you can sustain on your own if you want and/ or to build on this knowledge in community with others.

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out!

You can also hire me to run classes or workshops. I’m happy to answer questions and to give you more information.

You can contact me via the form below.

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Jilna is an outstanding meditation, yoga and body work facilitator, with such a rare gift for reaching her participants and guiding them skillfully. Her own practice, wisdom and deep commitment to social justice shines through everything she offers. It makes her accessible and incredibly caring. I feel her work as a deep invitation towards groundedness, joy,  justice and transformation.

Olumide Popoola

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